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CAREER TRANSITION 2.5 hour Workshop  
For Midwives Considering a Change
4 Dates TBA  
Michele is smart, pragmatic and full of real life tips.  Truly makes you think of work & jobs not on your radar and maximizes how you can use your midwifery skills.  Its a great investment of time and money...Anne 
THANK YOU! I would have never gotten my resume to a level of getting an interview without you.  Thanks for all your help and support.  I Got The Job!!...April 
Past Speaking Engagements 
HRPA Human Resource Professional Association Chapters
      York Region / Grand Valley:  Power of Networking
       Durham / Hamilton: Executive Thinking for HR
IPMA Conference: Leader's Role in Times of Change

Niagara College & Mohawk College: Job Search
WIL Employment, London
I thought that (Michele) was approachable and relatable in the way she delivered information, entertaining while being professional and respectful. I really, really enjoyed her and found myself wishing the seminar was longer because the time flew by... HRPA Attendee

Thank you so much Michele! I cannot begin to express how impactful meeting you has been for me, and how much my self-confidence has improved since I began working with you...



The 2 "Rules" of Job Search
Successful Hygienist Handbook, Oral Health Group  

Leadership AIM by Executive Coach Global

Toronto Sun: Career Breaks & Hybrid Work 

I could not have asked for a better coach. Each session was structured, informative and extremely enjoyable. I can now proceed with my job search with new tactics, networking strategies, an updated resume and most importantly, with confidence...Lauren

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