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What People Are Saying
(This feedback warms my heart... Thank you)

Thank you so much! I cannot begin to express how impactful meeting you has been, and how much my self-confidence has improved since I began working with you... Dwyane

I could not have asked for a better coach. Each session was structured, informative and extremely enjoyable. I can now proceed with my job search with new tactics, networking strategies, an updated resume and most importantly, with confidence... Lauren

Since the start of our coaching sessions, I feel as though my performance as a manager has substantially improved. Our connection made it easy to share information, stories, successes, fears in a safe and confidential space. I have received positive feedback from my leadership team, and I credit your coaching for much of this success... Kathy

Thank you so very much…you have impacted my life more then you know! ... Rebecca
Michele is smart, pragmatic and full of real life tips.  Truly makes you think of work & jobs not on your radar and maximizes how you can use your midwifery skills.  Its a great investment of time and money... Anne 
Michele was approachable and relatable in the way she delivered information, entertaining while being professional and respectful. I really, really enjoyed her and found myself wishing the seminar was longer because the time flew by... HRPA Attendee
Michele brings unique viewpoints and fresh perspectives to our programs.  Her ability to facilitate and develop cohorts in a spirit of openness, trust, and collaboration has been crucial to our continued success in the post-covid training dynamic... Phil
Michele was amazing and so positive. She helped me get out of my own head and realize that I had many more skills than I ever thought... Tasha

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